Are you really an Australian?

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Are you really an Australian?

So this week @steemychicken1 wrote a great post on supercontinents which delved into how we've been able to confirm 10 supercontinents in our world history.

Now the question arises if humans were around when all these supercontinents were happening and although the last supercontinent to current science is Pangaea, it is also theorised that humans did not reside on the continent.

But this is where things get a little... confusing for science and I have a theory myself and have stated this for many many years.

African migration

It has long been a held belief that humans migrated out of Africa although this stance comes with some really hard or more so ignored truths in relation to the little or large continent down south of the globe, Australia.

See recent scientific tests, data and research show that Aboriginal Australian's are the earths oldest civilization and as more research is undertaken Human's in Australia keep getting older.

Civilisation Vs People

Now you could argue that it states "the oldest civilization" but one does not evolve into a civilization from a walking chimp at a different rate purely based on location.

It was only just a few years ago that Rio Tinto blew up one of the oldest human occupied caves dating back over 45,000 years.

Then there is also mungo man the oldest human remains ever found wrapped in burial cloth which showcase humans were having burials 65,000 years ago and using tools. This in itself just goes to show we were a lot smarter a lot sooner than people first anticipated.

So while Most experts conclude, from genetic and material evidence that migration on a mass scale only occurred within the last 60,000 years or so. Those conclusions are delivered without taking into consideration the rich human culture already established here in Australia.

So while we continue to find more information that makes humans in Australia older and older I continue to believe in my opinion and I ain't no scientist nor is it a field I study so I could be 100% wrong.

But I reckon Human's migrated out of Australia and into other parts of the globe which makes a lot more sense when you consider the population numbers just outside of Australia, surely where ever the people left first would have populated prior to needing to move on due to lack of space.

Which means Europe is still relatively "new" to humans which science does confirm and as you move further away from Australia, huma skin gets lighter.

so maybe, just maybe. You're all just a little bit Skippy!


So I may have made it back to where my ancestors started from but now with white skin. Interesting

Haha! Exactly right. This could be a thing

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