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RE: Python Libraries: Show DTube Abuser Rewards

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Fear the Cabal!!

Hehe, every single user should downvote more and get rid of this trash.

This script is a fine thing, you should be rightly proud!


I'm sure our 'secret operative' is going to send me more soon. She's been a little quiet of late. This bullshit is organised, just like the boats coming across the English Channel.

It is. There is a handful or less operating hundreds of alts always looking for a new attack vector

Spambots? Those things should be banned from the Internet...


They should!

They've wasted plenty of hours I'll never get back! Cleaning them is a pain...

i just set up mobizen to make a screen share video of me explaining this video post and why you shoulent spam dtube because you wont get paid soon as hive users get hip to it. then maybe ill get that post upvoted to top of dtube so dtube users might see it and stop wasting time

Fuck off @ackza

Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

What an utter load of rubbish

lol banned from the unternet? not everyone lives in china.

and honestly this coule all be fixed by just blacklisting dtube and all the accounts that use it. harsh but hey they hwve their own front end and peakd to use dont they?

Unfortunately spambots aren't just from China - dtube might even be running them, just to make more spam and money

Filters won't keep them off of google so they'd still hurt Hive :(


Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

If you are going to be an ass clown, at least make it funny!

i die not mean to downvote...i also cant seem to remove that wtf

look ot shows an upvote and downvote at the same time wtf man is a trash front end i should peakd lol

i didnt mean to keep that downvote there i cant seem to remove it with a click lol...its like of you dont have enough hp or its all delegated like me, that litte slider doesnt up condensor front end is so goitchy and slow compared ro steemit
..what gives

im currently recording a screenshare video of myself doing all of rhis and will post ti dtuve so u can have a laugh

use peakd, does anyone still use I think I can live with the 1c loss!

Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

Ooo! another one of your 'amazing' comments!