The Most Wicked of Nebulas

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Can you see it? The Witch in her hat as if straight from the Wizard of Oz?

A fantastic sight. This is the Witch Head Nebula, named for the most obvious of reasons. The resemblance to a witch in a classic witches hat, just like below.


This nebula is one of the reflection variety comprised largely of interstellar dust and producing no light of its own, instead reflecting the cold blue light of the nearby star Rigel in the constellation of Orion.


Rigel is a Supergiant star, the brightest of stars in the constellation of Orion. Its brightness allows it to be easily seen in the northern night sky with the naked eye despite being close to 900 Light years away.

Fun fact: Orion is also a famous instrumental from that most stellar of metal bands Metallica.


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Lol. What is going on. meesterboom is secretly an astronomer?

Hahaha!! I have been caught!!!! :0) how the hell did you find that?

Ape Mining Club.

Ha! My little power play!!! :0D

I see it!

Took a moment or two and another sip of hic, coffee :)

That good old strong coffee!!! You see so much on it! :0D

Intresting; I see it.. Thank for sharing it dear and in between liked the fun fact about Orion. cheers

You are welcome. Thanks for reading!!

I have never heard of the Witches head nebula before, but I see why it is called that.

It's quite awesome when you see it, isn't it!

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first time i hear about the nebula-witch thing :P quite the resemblance i dare to say

Thanks for the random downvote with no comment 😆

Oh, It wasnt random. It was to remove the STEM from the post. Couldnt see the technology that the tag proclaimed but come on, you knew that. You were just token hunting. Hence, no need for a comment