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Hello guys yesterday night since I was preparing for my exam I decided to practice some tough question in drawing so I was going through what to practice and I saw TANGENCY problem a very cunny and technical question.


So I will showing and telling you guys the steps I used and did in making the drawing.


First I made a smaller circle at the top center given in the question I drew a light line at the center of the smaller circle to make it easier when drawing other things from the center,


I made another bigger circle of a bigger radius from the same point where I drew my smaller circle . I drew a horizontal line to make the small circle I will attach to the side very easy and stress free.


Draw and extend the line from the center of the top circle downward to make another circle drawing of four at the bottom, at the center bottom, draw an extended line a little downward again to make another circle


From the last circle downward, the length of the radius from the center of the bottom circle use it as the beginning of the line extended horizontally to make two circle of different size by the side of the down part diagram.


Now to join arc to connect the two circle together, add the radius of the first circle and the radius of the arc given the place your compass on the centre of the circle then make a arc,


do it for the second circle also make an arc do it for all the circle and connect them together. So to finalize the diagram by joining the top diagram circle and the bottom diagram circle,


A given arc radius is there to make it easier, place the length of the arc in the center of the circle, make an arc , put it at the edge also make an arc so for the top and bottom to join after drawing the small arc to the line use pencil and ruler to connect it finally.


With the diagram I hope can understand better.