Research diaries #3: Let me give you a puff

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Lately all my computational work is too heavy for my mobile devices. (T.T)


I am also starting to notice that storing the computations takes up a large chunk of space, like 50GB, which puts additional stress on my hardware. Intially, it was non obvious that the data sets would be so large since I am just working with 1-dimensional lists of data. These are not related to videos, the underlying problem is somewhat abstract. But it is in a sense a 1-dimensional time-series, so perhaps sound-data comes closes to it from an applied perspective. Anyway, that data is low-dimensional so having this data explosion after the analysis is somewhat of a surprise.

Time to take a nap for three days and wait for everything to finish.

Cat tax

WeChat Image_20211213000717.jpg

 last year 

Did it work?

I ran the problem on my main machine, my laptop is not suffering from respitory problems anymore

Send the data inside the cat! There is plenty of free space inside it :)

I am afraid that my data will corrupt because of static :P

Static like this one:

(source: wikimedia)

Eat the cat!

Lick cats don't eat them

I'm with the cat!


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