Tinción de Gram en Bacterias 🔬🧫|Gram Staining of Bacteria 🔬🧫

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Hola Hivers, el video de hoy trata sobre el procedimiento para realizar la tinción de Gram en Bacterias espero les guste💕
Recuerden que sin resultados de laboratorio no hay diagnóstico ni tratamiento; alli la importancia de los laboratorios ✨

Hi Hivers, today's video is about the procedure to perform the Gram stain on Bacteria I hope you like it💕.
Remember that without laboratory results there is no diagnosis and no treatment; therein the importance of laboratories ✨.
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The volume of gram stains in a clinical lab gets extremely high. To the point that we need several colleagues to divide the labor.

Wow, I can imagine. It is really very useful this procedure.