Continuing My PC Build : RGB FAN

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Since the family season is over, I get to continue build my PC. I already got the case, PSU, and now I am buying the Fan. It's actually the least of thing I should buy cause there are moba and also gpu, vga card and more. But since I am still researching about it, I decided to get the easiest part of all,the fan.


When I bought my case, it comes with the recommendation of which fan I should buy. I was about to buy it since to my noob eyes, it was reasonable. But after checking the market, I saw plenty cheaper options with the same quality. The one recommended has the aesthetic needed but the one I bought is just a simple one.

I got this for about 5$ with additional 1$ for the shipping cost. There are 0.99cents fan out there but I wasn't really convinced. So, I decided to look for something that's more convincing.

This whole journey is also a learning curve for me. I am use to tinkering with laptop, picking them apart, fixing it, but with PC, it's completely a new experience. So far the experience building it is fun but also can be confusing sometimes. The confusing part is when I share my build or what I want with friends but they'd say something else. And I swear, each friend said different things and recommended me different things.


I don't know how many I'd need but for now, I'll just get one, test it and then buy more in the future. Thankfully I didn't buy the one recommended from the same case brand that I have. Otherwise, that'd be a total rip-off. This reminds me to make an account on pcpartbuilder and I'll call my build as "peasants build".




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Exciting stuff! What Spec are you building Mac? :-)

something that lets a peasant (me) do streaming, programming, and also play decent games 😁

All peasants together my friend, I'm the oldest peasant on the block! But I built my first PC, quite probably before you were born and yet, I haven't built one for about 10 years so I will be watching yours and no doubt learning something new.
The circle of (PC) life ;-)
You take care, stay safe unhappy :-)

That's so cool! I still don't know where this build will be but hoping I could finish everything before Q4 ends. ATM I am already thinking, okay so if I have all the parts together how can I assemble it. I watched tutorial from Linus Tech a few years ago, I might need to check it out again to refresh my knowledge. Cheers :D

Well, now you build computers. I had no idea you were quite flexible (in the sense that you do different things) lol.

What motherboard do you use? Maybe I could help you to have something decent to work with :P (I will most likely give different opinions than the rest of your friends)

I do many different things, If I have more access to money, I'd love to have a mini factory filled with tools to build 3D objects, working on machines, and cars, and nootropics:D. My only barrier has always been money xD. I decided not to receive advice for mobo and others xD I had too much of it already but I appreciate it. I might just buy a peasant level mobo.

0,99 cent fans will be very very noisy. Enjoy the colorful atmosphere.

good to know I didn't end up buying them 😄

Just what I've been looking for several days without success. It's very nice, I hope it will be useful for you. Mine is no longer spinning like in his younger years, he is retiring.☹️

I like to believe that each pc is a world, it is a game of combinations and investigate which component goes better with which other, and so you go on the adventure of knowing what you need and want for the pc of your dreams ... or at least for what your pocket reaches as in my case. 🤖

I hope you can put together your supercomputer soon, funnily enough, I'm putting one together for myself too, at least trying haha. I wish you lots of luck and success with it. 😄🙌🤙

You need to get one then, a new fan :D and like the advice above, don't buy the 0.99 cent cause it's gonna be so noisy.

at least for what your pocket reaches as in my case. 🤖

hahah that's the case! I decided to just let the price be free xD so, I don't put any cap as to how much I'd spend but I can see I am looking to spend around 1k to 2k.

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