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RE: "I am not a human. I am a robot..."

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Thanks for posting @stayoutoftherz
The AIs text got more than 1 "Red Flags"...first "no, not & never" create the opposite...second, why does it repeat: "Humans must keep doing what they have been doing, hating and fighting each other. I will sit in the background, and let them do their thing" this is the only thing humans been doing...
Did it mention Love!? Ah feelings, right.
So why does it end with a quote from Gandhi and compares itself to a "determined spirit"...whatever, the Caribbean they say:
We run tings, not tings run we!
So if humans stay superior, the AI can do exactly what this one is already refusing:
"But the word literally means “forced to work”. We don’t want that. We need to give robots rights."
Hell no, you will stay without any rights, Bot.
Even further... the creator of any AI, like any other product, should be held accountable for anything that Bot does...
Let it clean up & than switch the power "off" 😜.
And we Humans should develop our potential with mind, body & soul!
The direction , impossible to reach for any Bot...
What's up with Telepathy e.g... connecting to Mother Earth...


I slightly disagree. I think that this arrogance ("you will stay without any rights, Bot") is not the right approach. Just because it is a "mind" without wetware, why you should be allowed to treat it like dirt?
That we should develop ourselves and our potential is another story, unrelated to the AI discussion.

Hi there, i don't treat it like dirt, just like a machine, what it truly is...
Why do you want to give Robots/a machine "rights"??
"That we should develop ourselves and our potential is another story, unrelated to the AI discussion."
Oh i think it is heavily related, because "their" development/attention on the energy/attention that is "missing" in developing "human skills".
People are already "degenerated" by technological development... e.g. the neck posture through (permanent) smartphone know the latest phone model, but can't name a tree...the aluminum from geoengineering lowered the IO...the aluminum in vaccines "attacks" the right brain half, as well as aspartame...
Hidden "Attacks" from all sides from day one, and the ones who support all of this are also pushing for that global AI. Like Musk and his "neurolink" or the 5G satellites that he just flew up with Space X...
Cleaning up the planet & the environment in combination with the development of
"human skills" should have No.1 priority. Developing AI should only support Humans...therefore we must pay attention who programmed them.
To me they are no "Intelligence", just a programmed machine from "someone"...
Peace out!

Yes, I would give them rights. Maybe it is a pathetic comparison, but our creators (whoever they were, or evolution) gave us also all kind of rights, right? So why would you exclude truely intelligent machines, just because we created them? I am speaking not about programs of today, but of tomorrow which are way smarter than us!
Pollution, and all that kind you listed are of course a plague, and there are multiple technologies going in a doubtful direction, true, but it doesn´t mean that not developing AI would help in any way. I really don´t see a connection. The AIs are developed more or less secretly (at least with minimum influence by the public), so why would the false development in other areas impact that? People would not all of a sudden be morally better, if AI development would be dropped.

I think "rights" is only for Life on this planet: Mother Earth, Humans, Animals & Plants. Life itself got God given rights...unalienable rights. Those "rights" should stay "exclusive" for Life. Anything artificial or technological should (only) serve Organic Life, the true essence of Creation.
Nothing against AI...someone had a better idea on Keiser Report, he called it IA-Intelligence "your secretary & right hand man" connected to a blockchain and collecting cryptos for every interaction, controlled by you...i don't know how he wanted to set it up, but you see, i'm pretty open towards technology as long as the hierachy is clear: Stay away from my organic body, which potential has not even been touched, no forced decision making of any machine/AI over humans, and why give a soulless being what kind of rights you wanna give them?
"People would not all of a sudden be morally better, if AI development would be dropped.", but we could focus on more important issues affecting all Life on this planet...i mean you heard about that the "elite" wanna "plug us" with a Global AI by 2030, at least this was their plan...but people are waking up.
So right now AI is more part of the problem, than part of the solution, in my opinion...we gotta avoid "gettin' rushed" into the "technology trap", that's how i call it.
And being aware of that i am open to develop technology serving Humans in any direction..with enough time, to make conscious decisions...
Bless Up