They design a robot whose function is to hold your hand when you feel alone

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A robot designed specifically to hold your hand is created, if at a certain moment you feel lonely. It is a robot capable of generating that feeling of not being alone, just by having contact with you, while holding your hand.


This robotic hand is called Osampo Kanojo, or "My girlfriend on the walk." It was created by Japanese engineers so that people experience the illusion of human contact. Above all, it is now necessary in times of pandemic, since isolation has caused various mental problems in many people, due to the fact that they have been locked up at home for months, becoming depressed and without having a hand to support them.

Japan is one of those societies where loneliness is quite present, especially in high age groups, so in addition to creating robot dogs to keep the elderly company, robotics researchers from the University of Gifu in Japan were to the task of designing a robotic hand that is covered in a skin-like gel that radiates warmth, as it has a heating mechanism so that you do not feel that you are holding the hand of a machine. Plus you can squeeze at will, and in later prototypes it's expected to smell, sound and sweat like a human being. This can certainly make you feel like you are taking a walk with your loved one holding hands.


The robotic hand when in use should be placed perpendicular to the user's arm, and is capable of moving through a rail back and forth to mimic the movement of when walking with another person. As if this were not enough, the robotic hand also has a mobile application that reproduces the sounds of someone who is moving by our side, such as their footsteps or the rubbing of clothing.

It should be noted that this is a prototype designed to simulate a woman's hand, for which the artificial skin was given the smell of a floral shampoo fragrance. Note that the prototype presented does not yet contemplate the functions that the designers have in mind. However, when it is ready, there will be a large and growing market for such a product.

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