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RE: A Cure for Insomnia: The Biography of 37402 - Stephen Middlemore

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Perfect! I clicked on this right in time for my nap! Lol. I was curious when you mentioned the cure for insomnia!
I have been on only a couple trains, but I think they are pretty fascinating.
One was a small one that toured the Redwoods when I was a kid, and we also took a train to the Grand Canyon. I want to go on one of the trains like you see in moview with sleeping compartments and such.


haha, I'm just trying to provide a public service to the blockchain. Elderly nerds are the new black!

I actually live in Thailand where I use sleeper trains all the time. There is something innately romantic about sleeper trains, even sleeping on your own!

You are so lucky though, I could bore you to death with lists of multi day rail journeys I'd love to do across the US.....hmmm death might be a service too far, I'll stick curing insomnia!

Thank you so much for dropping by and best wishes :-)