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RE: Getting started with Hive app development

in STEMGeeks2 years ago (edited)

Are there any Node.js / Javascript libraries available for Hive development?

Edit: I might have answered my own question.

 2 years ago 

There is HiveJS and DHive. Dhive was better, but isn't maintained so most people use HiveJS.

Cheers, I was looking at those, but neither seem to make much or any reference to the internal market. Or have I overlooked something?

Is there perhaps any documentation for API endpoints for the market?

 2 years ago 

Hive internal market or Hive Engine?

I've only used the internal market, so I was referring to that one.

Hive Engine is for all of the other tokens built on Hive correct?

 2 years ago 

Hive Engine is for all of the other tokens built on Hive correct?


What made DHive better than HiveJS?

 2 years ago 

It had more functionality and was structured more professionally. I would recommend comparing the documentation and you will clearly see what I mean.

OK it hasn't been updated in a while, how has it fallen behind Hive.js or is out of date?
Has there been much change to the Hive API?

 2 years ago 

Almost all the Hive libraries are not really maintained much, except when there is a hard fork and there is an emergency update, someone will usually dig in and figure out what needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the clarification.