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RE: Getting started with Hive app development

in STEMGeeks2 years ago

I highly recommend Codium over VS Code. It is the same application, except with all of the telemetry (report home to Micro$oft) removed.

 2 years ago 

There was a reason I don't use this, I think certain modules don't work with this version. I can't remember off hand.

There shouldn't be any reason that modules / addons don't work with it as it is exactly the same code base minus telemetry.

Every addon I've used so far works just fine.

 2 years ago 

You can disable telemetry in the settings, just comfirmed mine is off. Although I am not too concerned with what is sent (it's all open source so you can confirm what is sent) and in fact it maybe good to run it as it helps them know what modules are most popular and where problems lie.

Naaa... I'll stick to Codium. I like it, works very well for me. 😀