Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 14

in STEMGeeks3 months ago

Most of the basics of the trading chart are now in place. There are still a couple of very minor issues to attend to, otherwise, I'm already starting to move on to new features and the much anticipated, new indicators.

It has been a test of patience holding off releasing any new version updates in the past months as I worked through some major rewrites and working several performance and display issues.

TradeX-chart is a stand alone plain JavaScript web component. After working with Web Components, I have no desire to use any of the existing frameworks, even the light weight ones. I now have a core of reusable functions and classes that can be used on other projects.

The chart has only one dependency, TALib-web which is a Web Assembly module that provides a plethora of technical analysis functions.

TALib does what says on the tin. However there can be web server configurations that are not set up for WASM mime-types, here's looking at you GitHub. This is crazy in this day and age that WASM mime-types are not a default. The chart will still run without the module, but will not be able to calculate new indicator data. If it has pre-existing indicator data, it will of course still display that. I am considering providing a pure JavaScript talib as a fall back. However, I'm doing everything I can to keep the bundle size down to a minimum.

A live demo of the chart can be found here, since GitHub hosting won't play nice.


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