Tension Reduction Through Massage

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While remedial therapy has been practiced in the east for ages, it is a comparatively new phenomenon in the west. While modern medicine's miracles have surprised many, an increasing number of individuals are turning to complementary therapies and non-invasive treatments for their problems. Massage treatment has never been more popular in America than it is now.


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Research in Real Life

Massage treatment has been proven to be in a number of studies, a highly effective stress reduction technique. Earlier research from the University of Miami Medical School, which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, found that adolescents who received 30 minutes of massage therapy daily were less sad and nervous than when they were enrolled.

The kids in the study population had much better development and behavior than the children in the control group, according to this study. The kids were also more cooperative, according to the study's nurses, and they were able to obtain a greater level of sleep habits. The children in the treatment group had lower amounts of cortisol (a stress hormone) in their saliva and urine on a biological level. Massage may have a big role in relieving stress, as studies immediately discovered.

Acceptance in the Community

It is really good that both the medical community and the general people are becoming more aware of the negative effects of stress on one's health and well-being. Stress, according to some doctors and academics, is to blame for more than 75% of all diseases in the Western world, including skin diseases, high blood pressure, migraines, digestive problems, muscular pain, and depression. The use of adult massage treatment traditions has the ability to significantly reduce the severity of many painful diseases.

“The mind, which before massage is in a perturbed, restless, vacillating and, even despondent state, becomes after massage, calm, quiet, peaceful and subdued; in fact, the wearied and worried mind has been converted into a mind restful, placid, and refreshed.”

Wrote eminent Victorian physician, Dr. Stretch Dowse, in 1887.


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Final Words

While present medicine has great potential in some areas, it is not good to neglect historical ideas and knowledge. Numerous people have benefited from massage treatment to help them cope with the stresses of contemporary life. It could be beneficial to you as well.


I like this topic, recovery therapy I associate it to positive energies, to see the good side of every detail of life, to not fall into a situation of negative scenario that worsen our state of health, while recovery therapy through body massage reduces stress very effectively, these technique gives us the possibility to embrace every fiber of our body.

Best regards, be well.

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That's so true, and I would always say our body has right on us so we must always look to take care of ourselves and massage and any other recovery therapy is one great way to return back that drained energy through out the week.

Thanks for reading through!

I tend to have a weekly massage, but due to my current workload I have no time to do it and do it every once a month or every two months, and it really feels good and it relieves me.


Well it's always great to have massage between while and another and I'm pretty sure that our bodies will feel way different if we skip it for a long time like a month or so.

Thanks for reading through!


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