After a stroke or a brain injury, vision therapy is essential

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Important Statistics

The best part is that the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 10.1 million people in the United States have overcome a stroke or significant head trauma (TBI). The bad news is that 1.5 million of them have lost their vision, with the figure rising by more than 90,000 annually. Reading, running, and watching a movie can be difficult for many sufferers, impairing their independence and confidence since they only see a fraction of what they need to see.


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Until recently, strokes and Trauma patients had no choice except to live with loss of vision and no chance for recovery. Only oral, physical, and occupational treatments were previously available. Patients who have had a stroke or a traumatic brain injury can now use NovaVision or VRT Vision Restoration Therapy to restore part of their vision, regardless about when the injury happened (VRT).

What Is VRT And How Does It Work?

VRT is the first FDA-approved medical gadget for vision restoration therapy. For 6 to 8 months, the therapy is done at home for about an hour each day. The scientific notion of flexibility, a modern concept of cognitive ability in which healthy brain regions may compensate for damage and modify their activity in response to stimulus, underpins VRT.

VRT's Advantages

After fourteen years of medical research, almost 900 patients have been healed. Many people have found that VRT has improved their quality of life by making regular activities simpler. "Since I started my daily VRT routine, my walking has been more sure-footed and I have improved strength and balance," R. Lewis said, a client who finished VRT seven years after his stroke, said. He also claims that he is able to play catch with his grandkids again.


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Participation of Patients

NovaVision VRT is available in a number of prestigious medical, ophthalmic, and therapy centers across the United States. Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, Columbia University Medical Center's Neurological Institute of New York, Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, Wayne State University's Kresge Eye Institute in Detroit, and HealthSouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital in South Florida are just a few examples. To improve patient outcomes, the therapy is personalized, assessed, and frequently updated. Patients can get their initial and final examinations at any NovaVision Partner Center.


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