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RE: Terms used in the area of forage farming.

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I hope you had a nice summer. I just reconnected, and found out about this dictionary (although I have the impression this is not the first part of it). It is quite instructive to read about those terms. I must said that this proved that a few misconceptions were included in my knowledge (but that may be language-related as English is not my mother tongue).

Have a nice week!


Hello my dear friend @lemouth, I hope you have enjoyed your holidays apart from being able to rest which is primordial to be able to continue with our duties. It is not the first glossary of terms that I have shared, but I came up with that idea to be able to make clear in a simple way the meaning of some words in the agricultural field and also explain why it is applied.

Thank you for your visit, have a great week.

This dictionary is definitely a great idea! I will follow it up!

On my side, my holidays were wonderful and very relaxing. A lot of outdoor activities, together with a few city trips (I just wrote a post about them, if you are interested in a few pictures and some news).

Have a wonderful week too!

Good morning dear @lemouth, glad you managed to distract yourself a bit, I'm going to visit your blog to read about your experience.

Thanks for passing by my blog... in advance ;)