Galileo Searching For Alien Technologies

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The Galileo Project will search and research interstellar visitors of the Solar system, UFOs, and one day perhaps even alien satellites near the Earth. But remember, this is a scientific project that plans to use current and future telescopes and even AI.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Avi Loeb from Hardvard is an astrophysicist and cosmologists well known for his optimism concerning alien civilizations. Recently, he came with the idea that the interstellar visitor known as Oumuamua was a probe sent by another civilization. Now, he decided to be a bit more systematic in his search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to a recent announcement, Loeb became the leader of a team of experts from various institutions that will work on the Galileo Project. Its goal is the search and analyze evidence that could be associated with non-functional or still-working extraterrestrial technologies. The researchers plan to analyze large amounts of data from telescopes and other devices. Right now, they want to design and use new algorithms for AIs.

AIs are great at sifting through giant sets of data and detecting interesting things. Loeb and his colleagues will try whether the AIs could help them with interstellar visitors such as Oumuamu, extraterrestrial satellites or UFO phenomena. As part of the project, they want to get multi-detector images and videos of UFOs in high-resolution and then use the AI to crack what is going on.

Then, using both existing and future sky observations such as the planned Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) they will search for other interstellar visitors. At the same time, they want to prepare missions that could quickly be reached to such objects and research them from up close. At the same time, they want to search for possible alien satellites that could orbit the Earth.

Leob says that we shouldn’t just dismiss explanations that include aliens because usually, they are wrong. But, while is optimism is quite contagious we have to remember Occam’s razor that helps scientists from spending too much time on overly complicated explanations.

Nonetheless, the Galileo Project will certainly be useful even if we don’t find alien technologies. Just the search itself could lead to us developing cool new technologies or some discoveries that aren’t flying saucers yet still answer some big cosmic questions.


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