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Today I would like to introduce the latest project from me and @misterc.
We have been thinking about organizing a competition with physical items to win for a long time.
We'll get to the details in the actual post that will follow.
In this post I want to tell the story of the shopping bag (one of the prizes).
To do this, we thought about embellishing simple white shopping bags with the Hive logo.
I then used the Sunday (yesterday) to design and print the stencil.
When I finished the first print, I got a message from Cura that a new version was available.
The second part of the stencil was then created with the new version and the quality of the print was significantly better.
Anyway, the template is ready and we were able to finish the first bag under professional conditions in my basement ;-)
We were both very satisfied with the result and we are already looking forward to the competition.

Heute möchte ich das neuste Projekt von mir und @misterc vorstellen.
Wir haben schon länger darüber nachgedacht, ein Gewinnspiel zu organisieren, bei dem es physische Gegenstände zu gewinnen gibt.
Zu den Details kommen wir im eigentlichen Post der noch folgen wird.
Ich möchte in diesem Post die Geschichte zu den Einkaufsbeutel erzählen (einer der Gewinne).
Dafür haben wir uns überlegt, einfache weiße Einkaufsbeutel mit dem Hive Logo zu verschönern.
Ich habe dann gestern den Sonntag genutzt und die Schablone entworfen und gedruckt.
Als ich den ersten Druck fertiggestellt hatte, bekam ich eine Meldung von Cura, das eine neue Version zur Verfügung steht.
Der zweite Teil der Schablone ist dann mit der neuen Version entstanden und die Qualität des Drucks war deutlich besser.
Wie auch immer, die Schablone ist fertig geworden und wir konnten den ersten Beutel unter professionellen Bedingungen in meinem Keller fertigstellen ;-)
Mit dem Ergebnis waren wir beide sehr zufrieden und wir freuen uns jetzt schon sehr auf das Gewinnspiel.





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Beautiful initiative, these things are always welcome, I will soon start to promote hive by putting stiker as it does @misterc

Thank you very much, everyone can do a little bit to make Hive better known 🤗

This is awesome! I actually produce Shopping bags like in India this for organic stores. I really like your tendency for great ideas mate! I have a warehouse with about 800 bags here in Switzerland.

Thank you so much, I thinks it is important to make as much promotion for this great Platform as possible.
And the afford I spent isn't too big.
I would love to see something like a Cooperation with other users.
I send a Inquiry to you at Discord, did you see?
Hive on Buddy

This really got me so hyped when I saw it, I had to give it a reblog. It's different when you walk around with a symbol of something you co own with a community. It gives it so much more substance. I am gonna check my discord now. I am totally down to connect with you. The stencil is sick! The fact that you used a spray can to make this specially! hahaha. I did that once but my stencils were made of cardboard. Your process arithmetics are insightful. It's also a really valuable share. @curie pizza! #gems ...Your efforts are epic!

Thanks for rebloging 👍🏽☺️
I would also have other ideas 🤔 But you certainly know that yourself, there is often no time for it...
I really looking forward to hear from you 😉

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You are doing great work with Hive promotion and this stuffs are pretty good to make people aware of Hive.

Thanks a lot, I hope so too 😉
It would be great for all of us if more people hear about Hive

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