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RE: Ways of income for Engagement Project + Major code update ( with explanation ) to check the comment quality

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Thanks for all the hard work and nice job removing the duplicate comments. It's smart to use an API so you don't have to do the work for finding which ones are duplicates and not (easier on updates also).

As for the 60%, I would trust it for now but it's hard to decide an accurate sample size. Maybe over the course of the project and more data, this number can be changed to match what it really is.

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I replied to this comment 30 minutes ago itself :/ , you didn't get it?

Anyway I was saying yeah 60% is just what I came up with by checking few sentences manually . I will increase/decrease them based on how it goes in future.

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I was checking replies. It's not showing up in replies so I forgot about it. Technical errors I guess since replies arn't showing properly in LEO or CTP. I had to go to the thread to see the reply.

Let's see how well it goes with the current rate before deciding how to to proceed in the future.