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RE: After almost 6 months, I have my PC parts

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Thoroughl and great post... I remember talking about this a while back. I still haven't made a move yet but I'm also not doing quite as much intensive photography work so I'm still considering what I want and of a new ryzen laptop may be a good alternative but I enjoy seeing this post

 2 months ago (edited)

I'd seriously consider an M1 MacBook Air.
I hate buying Apple hardware, but I really like the MacBook Air.

I really like MacOS but I haven't been able to make the switch for my core machine as I won't buy Apple PCs but Windows has turned into a disease.

My plan is to spin up a Linux VM on this machine and use it as main core driver. I still have Windows as my main OS for gaming and what I can't do in Linux (very little, but I really love Linux terminal).

I am pretty against Mac so that won't really work for me for many reasons including pricr

@asgarth had a pretty good suggestion for a good high powered ryzen laptop

I never actually looked at Ryzen laptops, need to check them out.

 2 months ago (edited)

I think you will find Ryzen laptops to be (way) more than a MacBook Air ($900) and the M1 chip performs better than the $800 5950X in some situations.

For my main laptop I would like a 15-16" display. So the MacBook Air is not actually an option for me also if the CPU is great.

But my wife is on Mac so I will probably have one of those at home either way ( some point during the next year) 😄

Also I'm full on Linux and ditched Windows years ago, so now I'm trying to figure out how well Linux will work on those new laptop with a Ryzen processor 🤔

There is a 16" Mac Book Pro, but doesn't use M1 yet.
I wish I could fully switch to Linux.

Well, to use your words ..."I think you will find 16" Mac Book Pro to be (way) more than a Ryzen laptop." 😄

Let me know what you get, I never looked at Ryzen laptops.