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RE: Overclock a Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.3 GHz!

in STEMGeeks5 months ago

Does this affect the power supply requirements?


Not if you already using a good 3A+ ps.

I have had occasional issues with low power warnings under just the stock power settings when using my battery brick and the touchscreen. Perhaps I should start by feeding the screen separately from another USB port instead of using the splitter cable from the touchscreen case kit.

A lot of power supplies don't run a the power rating advertised as they are generally low quality. Also many people use power supplies underrated for what they need for a Raspberry Pi. The Pi 4 also requires a larger supply than previous versions. You also running a screen in addition to the Pi on the same power supply (which is possible with a good power supply).

I would recommend a quality 3-3.5A power supply.