Googly Eyes and Raspberry Pi

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I decided we were overdue for some googly eye fun at work, so I added these eyes to our pencil sharpener. Everyone walks past it on the way from the back office to the front desk, but no one noticed right away.


The boss is on vacation for the next several days, so there will be conspiring and googly eye hiding while she is away. Mwahahahaha!

In other news, I finally ordered a second Raspberry Pi 4, the newer model with 8 GB of RAM. I plan to play with emulators, so more memory is more better. I also have a USB-to-SATA cable recommended by @themarkymark so I can use a laptop SSD instead of MicroSD. I plan to permanently connect this via HDMI to my new TV using the case from my original kit (pictured below) and keep the other Pi in my tablet where it is now.


I would like to see if this can emulate a PlayStation 2. Does anyone have any experience compiling any of the various FOSS PS2 emulators on a Pi? And can emulators just read the original game discs directly from a DVD drive once installed? I can always dive in and just see what happens, but I'd appreciate any links to similar projects if you know of any. People have succeeded in running PS1 and N64 emulators, but Google and DuckDuckGo seem to only pull up old info based on my cursory searches thus far.

I'd also like to run WINE, or at least DOSbox, and see what I can run from older CD-ROMs and GOG outside of Windows. This is where I hope to have lots of nostalgic fun, too.


At any rate, I have now cleaned off the factory adhesive from the heat sinks and applied a proper thermal paste. The case has a fan on top and a vent on the bottom, so airflow should be fine for cooling even if I overclock. The first Pi is in use as a regular computer now, but this one is for fun. Now to prep a MicroSD card so I can get started!


I think I need to get some googly eyes and put them here and there. Looks like fun.

I have always meant to get a raspberry pi. As soon as the little guy is a bit older and less demanding then I shall and into the world of cool computing I will romp!

Lol, there is nothing that googly eyes can't improve!

Once the Little Boom is old enough for video games, an arcade emulator Pi would be awesome for both of you.

That would be an awesome thing. I have tried him with a couple of games so far but he cant get both hands to do work in tandem. Another year and he will be laughing :D

ah man... I am soooo overdue for some googlyeyes fun myself....

what a nice surprise to get the notification for this post, though!!

I had occasion to sharpen a pencil today, and the eyeballs danced hilariously. I wish I had video.

Earlier this year, I also added eyes to our patron-facing receipt printer.


 2 years ago 

2GB is good enough for almost anything, rarely would you even need 4GB unless you running it as a workstation, Bitcoin Node, or VM type of stuff. Too late now but 2GB would been perfectly fine for emulators.

Maybe so, but the price was right, and I like me some RAM in reserve.