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Christmas 2020.
Halfway through the second wave I got a telescope as present.
90/1000 Refractor telescope.
Very nice.

But bad luck in 2021 on my side.
Every time I visit my parents, the sky is cloudy during the night.
Or I am too busy with family and such to have time to spend the night outside.
And in the big city, where I live, there is no chance of looking at the stars without any light pollution.

So the only pictures I have to offer so far are the one taken on Christmas 2020.
One year later and nothing more for you is very sad.
Wish I could show you Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Andromeda maybe.
But nothing yet!

I hope for 2022 to be better and clearer;)

Here are the pictures, taken with my potato mobile phone;)







Should I offer them as NFT?
Is there already a space/star NFT scam ongoing?
Someone should start it;)

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Here is a !BEER present


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