ISS resupplied by S.S. Piers Sellers

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Our International Space Station has been resupplied by S.S. Piers Sellers .

This is a Cygnus class ship, build by Northrop Grumman.

Is it only me, or are you also thinking of:


But from there, I think, rockets are just a small step.

But what got delivered?

8,300 pounds of scientific investigations, cargo, and supplies

That is 3.7 tons for us real people not depending on imperialistic units.

Including a

Nothing that sounds fancy, but everything making a tiny step forward into a better future!

More news of the Atomic Age to follow!

It is amazing, what fits into a B-2 Bomber..

This is just a small update, but maybe I keep track of those in the near future, to see, what else is going to be delivered to the ISS.

Monday is space Monday?


!BEER delivery

!BEER rocket

And also:

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Very nice to know, I had no idea the b52 bomber could dock to a space station or even slow down to do such a thing... or go to space lol Nice post !1UP

It cannot!
Please,get your facts straight.
It is a B-2!!!



lets call that a typo lol

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