Isnochys Math Problem #4 [HSBI]

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This week we continue our Meth Math problems.

Today we talk about palindromes.
A Palindrome is something that is forward the same as backward.
Further info on Wikipedia.

Of course numbers can also be a palindrome.
9009 for example.
And this is the Product of 91 and 99.

Now my question:
What is the largest palindrome made out of the product of 2 4-digit numbers?

Brute force computing works here, too:))
Next week I will guide you through my answer, I have 2 working scripts.
A fancy one liner and a simple brute force double for loop monster

How to send me the answer?
By encrypted memo. Transfer 0.001 HIVE and start the memo with '#'.
If you do not have 0.001 HIVE to spare, just write it in the comment, I will give that change to you.
Also, write a comment, if you did send me an answer, otherwise I cannot give BEER to you!

Don't forget to witness vote for me!:)

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