Isnochys Math Problem #3 [HSBI]

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Last week I asked for Fibonaccis.
Hmm, delicious pasta!
@lammbock gave an answer, that was close enough for me ;)


Ander here is the code I got for it:

odd_sum = 0
current_number = 1
previous_number = 0

while current_number < 10000000:
    if current_number % 2:
        odd_sum += current_number
    previous_number, current_number = current_number, current_number +previous_number  

But we do not care about yesterdays problems!
We look forward!
And today, I have this number for you:
Is it a prime?
But what are its prime factors?
And better, what is the sum of its prime factors?

Find it out and get 1 HSBI
Or have a guess and be as close as possible :))

How to send me the answer?
By encrypted memo.
If you do not have 0.001 HIVE to spare, just write it in the comment, I will give that change to you.
Also, write a comment, if you did send me an answer, otherwise I cannot give BEER to you!

Don't forget to witness vote for me!:)

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Danke :)

Ich bin leider raus. Da fällt mir auch kein Umweg ein. Echt schade, dass ich so gar nicht coden kann. Darauf hätte ich jetzt schon Lust!

Also pausiere ich das Meth Math Problem und fange nächste Woche mit einem Programmiertutorial an:))
Wollte ich sowieso machen:)

Hui, das fände ich wirklich großartig! :)

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Hi, I sent my answer

I'm on a seafood diet.
When I see food I eat it.

Credit: happyme
@isnochys, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @servelle
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (7/10)

yes, I did see that.
And so does everybody else :)
next time, start the memo with '#', hash character, so the message will be encrypted:D

Oh I'm sorry I'm not used with memo
I'll do next time 😕

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