Layering In Bids to Defeat the BidBots

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Bidding wars are great.

The price of the coins on #hive-engine get set by different people wanting to accumulate the flappin' coins.

Unfortunately, Hive-Engine is dominated by bid-bots. Everytime I place a bid on Hive-Engine, a bid-bot immediately places a bid that is 0.0000001 difference from mine.

I have no problem being in a bidding war with a human. A bidding war with a robot is demoralizing.

I suspect that most Hive-Engine users feel demoralized by the bots.

It just isn't fun to use an exchange that is rigged against the retail investor.

Many users seem to use swaps instead of the exchange. The swaps are robots that hold a pile of coins. The robots occasionally buy and sell on the exchange.

Examining a Huge Gap in STEM

Yesterday I pointed out that there was a 90% gap between the BID and ASK price of STEM. This gap existed for about three days.

Apparently someone bought some STEM with a swap. Amusingly, the STEM transaction history shows that the @dswap program actually widened the gap. It raised the ASK price from 0.0131 to 0.022.

I was surprised that no-one bothered to place transactions in the gap. So, I decided to put my HIVE where my mouth is.

I borrowed one HIVE with the goal of filling in the gap. The first picture shows the gap. The bid was 0.00131601 placed by a bidbot.


I started placing a series of small bids. As you can see, i chased the bidbot up to 0.007. I filled in the gap to 0.0130


As I said in the last post. I think #STEM is a worthwhile coin. It supplements the rewards for articles on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Hive-Engine has a huge problem with liquidity. The solution is for users of Hive Engine to simply place a large number of open orders. Drop orders for coins you aren't interested in holding. When sales occur, use the funds to place orders for the coins that you are interested in accumulating.

The orders for your liquid coins will help the coins find their bottoms. The buy orders for the coins you want to accumulate helps provide liquidity.

The bid-bots make Hive-Engine a demoralizing place. So, I think the solution for the bid bots is to either place a bunch of lowball bids (buy orders well below the BID price or sell orders well above the ASK price) or to layer in a bunch of orders to close the gap between BID and ASK.

It is really sad that most of the the Tribal coins have collapsed. But HIVE Engine allows people to trade coins for pennies. So, we might as well invest our pennies and buy hundreds of thousands of tribal coins.


The point of this post was to discuss the process of layering in a bunch of bids to beat a bid-bot.

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I use the bot, it has paid for itself a few times over.
You just have to set your bid and stick with it.
With the volume collapse I've stopped my bots as not worth the time it takes to watch them.
I thought it was gonna make a comeback, but then hive started rising and I didn't want to get stuck on the sell side with no hope of ever getting back the hive.

With the volume collapse I've stopped my bots as not worth the time it takes to watch them.

I've only used the bots a couple of times. It seems to me that the swap bots are dependent on the exchange. So, I'd rather drop bids on the exchanges.

I consider the coins I've staked to be lost to the world. I suspect that STEM will follow PAY, BLOG, PAL and all of the Steem-Engine coins into oblivion.

The only thing in question is the speed of the collapse.

Some people refered to STEEM/HIVE as game of catching falling knives. The question is whether or not one can make enough from the inflation to cover the cost of the coins.

Since most coins won't pay off, I simply content myself with the idea that that the coins can reward content creation.

Speaking of the volume collapse. It appears that this collapse happened because of the 20% interest on HBD.

The interes rate is not sustainable. The HBD drags down the price of HIVE and HE.

I keep hoping that the witnesses will realize that selling HBD at junk bond rates makes HIVE appear to be piece of junk in the investor community.

Since 20% is unsustainable, there is a point when the witnesses will capitulate. When that happens, the HIVEans that remain are likely to start putting the HBD earnings into HE. Who knows, HIVE might even start attracting new users again.


When the crowd gets here there will be plenty of folks wanting to pump h-e tokens because those hive profits have to go somewhere and keeping them on chain makes the most sense, to me, at least.

I noticed the volume collapse in may when the market collapsed.
Now tribaldex has some update that made it unusable for me.
Wait popups make it very tedious to do transactions.
So, I'm out, not 100%, but a majority is out.
I left leodex, at a loss, months ago.

IF we want hbd to circulate as a medium of exchange, we are gonna need more of them.
Interest on savings is a good way to expand what is available, imo.
Doing so rewards thrift.

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