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RE: Raspberry Pi(e) - an inedible but intriguing little robot

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I have a few pi's running, one I use to run several programs 24/7, and then another I run as a media center hooked up to the living room television.

I would recommend you to get a pi, very nifty little computer (or you can look at any one of several alternative SBC's)

Wikipedia has a list
though the pi is a decent pick.


Awesome. A bunch of them! You sound like a way more technical person than me. Are you into crypto trading to and if so,do you use your raspberry pi(‘s) for that too?

I also like that media center idea. I don't have a TV but I have a movie projector and studied film.

I do not really trade, so I do not use a pi for such.
The media center is fairly simple, just get libreelec flash on a sd card for the pi, and put some media on the device (or external usb harddisk)