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Welcome back to the third week of Friday Flash Back! As I hinted to last week, this weeks design is arguably the best thing I've made as a newbie and is flashy

In some posts of mine in the past, I have explained my enjoyment of playing Rainbow Six Siege, an FPS shooter. So this is where I found the inspiration to create this design brewing in my head.


Rainbow Six has many operators, especially in these days where we are at Year 5 and still getting new people. Before the wretched patch that destroyed him, "Blitz" was my favorite operator that had a shield and a pistol. This may sound kind of boring, especially for people that like being aggressive, but oh boy Blitz was a beast that could not be tamed. Blitz could run faster than any other shield operator, and his shield had super high power lights to flash enemies to close the distance.

This operator was my first regarding to in-game purchases and maybe that's why I still hold him so close to me. None the less, every "season" in game would provide the community with operator skins that are completely unique and alter the appearance of everything. For example, Blitz equipment was a shield so that operator skin included a really cool shield. I will provide below a picture of the base Blitz and elite skin.

Mid Design Thoughts

My overall goal was to create that elite set shield because compared to the original, that thing is sick!! To begin, I designed everything from scratch and used basic shapes in photoshop to design the general shape. From there, I wanted to make sure the jagged edges on the shield would look like it has depth. I spent all day excitedly working on this as a secret in a Discord chat and was beyond ecstatic with how it had turned out.

As finishing touches, I did add some assets found online for free to really make the shield pop out a bit, for some it adds and for others it ruins the aesthetic of everything else.

In the beginning, I tried to find pictures of the elite set to use as reference, that was a huge challenge as many pictures show the shield sideways or not proportionate. However, I got over this by going into the game and taking screenshots myself, and then orienting it the best I could. I then made the major outline, cutting the pieces by the ends intersecting in the middle.

As for the rest, it was really just adjusting gradient colors, adding shadows and lining everything up to the game-counterpart. Creating the shield was exactly like an essay back in school, the first part is terrible and de-motivating while the rest goes by smoothly and a rather enjoyable experience.

Favorite Aspect

It is small, but my favorite part out of the whole design is the detail I put into the left side wiring box?(Not too sure) I did all of that by hand, without any brushes and trying to make it look as if it actually was 3-dimensional and I think it came out amazing.

Off Topic Rant

As being new to typing out my designs and feelings toward things, I am having such a big problem with planning things out. I strive to stick around 500 words and push myself hard off of more than that, but when I start typing my mind lets free and I feel like I have to do a "TLDR" version of it. I do this so that I get through everything I want in a decent word-count manner but I am really starting to notice how fragmented and how dis-organized my explanations are. It is quite frustrating for me, as a solution is right in my head but I know I won't force myself to do those things.

In essence, thank you for reading my posts and trying to understand what is going on no matter how badly it is written. I really appreciate it.

Have a great Friday everyone!


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Wow, that is pretty impressive. It really does look like the actual in game one. I don't think I would have the patience to spend that much time on it. I would get too distracted by other things. Nice job!

I can see where you're getting at, I am pretty impatient too but for me it's an exception I guess. I really cant find anything that makes it make sense, but time isn't even a thing when you are working hard on something with a large amount of interest and a list of additions to make. Distractions also stop me so that can add time but I always somehow finish in decent manner.

Goodness. This a really tasking job. This would have taken a lot of your time. Good creativity boss

Thank you!! Definitely one of my better designs that i've ever made

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