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This is an update of the previous post about my personal computer and choosing to upgrade my RAM and replace an HDD.

Today is the day, The parts finally came in!! I'm soo excited to get started and get my computer back to running like it should!

That is how everything started about an hour or more ago. Now I chose to make a post for maybe some ideas of how to fix this, and explain my struggles. Now maybe I was being naïve, but I figured the RAM would be plug-and-play as I'm not messing with overclocks.. oh no that is definitely the case. I bought 3600MHz DDR4 RAM and well, this is what I'm getting currently.

I don't know too much when working with BIOS, I tend to get myself worked up and worried that I will mess something up. But I went in to check on everything, and it was running 2133MHz or JEDEC standard. Okay maybe I need to just change one thing and I'll be all good, but what exactly is that one thing? I did some researching online and people were talking about a DOCP, but my BIOS does not have that, so I turned on an XMP profile for 2400MHz as that is still higher than I was getting. As you can see from the image to the left, that is obviously not the right option.

As I now have my system running, I'll work on the drive replacement and come back to the RAM - Hopefully with some guidance. I was also worried about not finding a program that would clone a drive fully for free, but I struck the lottery on my second strike. I first came across "clonezilla" but it did not have an executable for me to run and clone my drive. I assumed I was running out of my league with that one so I continued searching and found Macrium Reflect. Honestly, many times downloading a free software ends pretty bad if you are not careful but I highly recommend this if you are trying to clone a disk for free. However, there is a warning that this is only for Windows systems, but that didn't break the deal for me.


So I am in progress with that and hopefully things will go smoothly on this end. But I still have to worry about this darn RAM that I spent a pretty penny on. I did not see anything saying I cannot use this high frequency, and nothing is blatantly obvious in the BIOS. I checked online and found my manufacturer's manual and found my board can indeed run up to 3600MHz DDR4 RAM, but it shows "(O.C.)" next to it. I really hope that doesn't mean I have to manually overclock my RAM, I have absolutely zero experience in overlocking RAM with all of the clock/voltage choices. I just want this to work without too much effort, but I guess I bargained for too much asking that.

If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!! I am running G. Skill 3600MHz RAM on a Gigabyte x470 UltraGaming Motherboard with Bios version F40 currently. (I think I said x570 for my motherboard in my last post, my apologies.) If any other information is needed, I can provide that.

I would post what I can see on my BIOS screen but I cannot screenshot that currently while doing this HDD clone.

Thank you for reading my short post today, and moral of the story is RAM is not always plug and play. Sometimes old parts just want to keep kicking, maybe they know they're getting replaced?


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I am glad to hear that you were finally able to get things sorted out. I hope it ends up fixing the issue for you. I am sure if @themarkymark had seen this he might have been able to help you out. He is pretty good with this hardware stuff. A bit better than me to be honest. Keep us posted on how things go after a week or so!

Small Update: Cloned wrong drive because I wasn't paying attention. It has old windows files and I do not have security to clone this drive now. (Had windows on it years ago and now I have a different drive for windows.) I am worried to do any deleting as it has HP recovery and alike for partitions that I do not see on my actual windows boot drive.

Update 6 hours later. I did nothing different besides my 4th restart and the RAM is running 3200MHz, clone ended up going through. all is good and hopefully my performance will be back to where it should be. (I say 3200 because I didn't even realize Newegg sent me the wrong package until now. so I guess I spent extra for no upgrade.) It is what it is.

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