A Spark of Motivation

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Tragedy Strikes

Over this previous weekend, my family and I had to deal with something tragic that has had us all in the dumps. I am not normally one to admit my feelings, I bottle it all up and act like if I don't let it get to me that I won't be upset about it. However this time is different, I'm not going to let myself fall into my toxic ways, today I admitted to myself that I am not okay. As much as I am hurting, I feel better being able to admit it and hopefully use this to motivate myself in healthier ways.



Tragedy Sparks Motivation

As a lot of that sounded like useless information -and it probably is- I feel like those choices have led me to where I am now writing about an idea that just popped in my head randomly. . . A business decision quite possibly. Over the past couple years I have thought of some crazy out of the box ideas that I would love to make real for sale but nothing ever seems to come out of it, as they are big ideas that take a ton of money. So this is not abnormal for me, but this one is actually in my grasp and this situation has brought me to pushing and making this idea possibly realistic.

A Fork In the Road

The idea that came to me was to build computers for people around me with a modest cost. From here I could go down two different paths, a commission style in which a price was given to me and I find parts for that and build it, or sell online via Craigslist etc. with prebuilt PC's and hopefully I catch some customers. Beyond this I have not thought about exactly how I would meet ends and retain customers, but I know I could build for a better price than some brands, but also have the masterful build-quality one looks for.



Foreseeable Dilemma

I wish things were as easy as only a couple decisions but I can immediately see some issues in the near future. Beginning, shortages on graphics cards would make this venture quite inefficient as prices are heftily inflated, causing my prices to be higher than other service-providers. Second, I live in a very small town with tons of sporty/country people with minimal interest in computers making my business practically abysmal. However, maybe this is working to my advantage in an ironic way, maybe this means that competition would be less and I would be the sole builder to get all of the business, and many people around me do not have the knowledge to get parts or build their own. Thirdly, how in the world am I going to get my name out there? I have money to build a PC right now to sell, but who is going to buy a full brand new system from some random dude on craigslist, without conceding to just buy a pre-built from Walmart or places alike.

A Silver Lining

I have many amazing knowledgeable people that I can look to that are willing to give valuable feedback and maybe some partners in this venture. Having people to look further into things like this can many times provide un-seen perspective and prepare a better-refined plan.

Doesn't really have place to be mentioned but still worth putting in

After working as a troubleshooting technician for about two years, I think I have my favorite aspects down pretty well and that is building PC's and putting every bit of sleek and class into a build as possible, oh and taking things apart, who doesn't like taking things apart to see how technology works in different things.

Oddly enough, my favorite part of building a new PC is the cable management. I am sure many of you tech guys are rolling in your seats right now, but I feel like the cable management ties everything in and if not done right, can completely ruin the builds' aesthetic.

Greatness Takes Time

Obviously I have to overcome some of these obstacles or at least implement a plan, and wait off this shortage. However, I really do think I might have something here and I really do want to pursue this as it will provide some business knowledge and many other things. I am in control of my future and only me can stop myself from reaching my goals and dreams.

~Not sure if this fits in the STEM community, it does relate to technology but not completely. I will delete this post if any comments are made regarding this.~


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Bozz resteemed your post and I thought I might chime in. You are right about the competition in this market from the likes of Walmart. I have built all my own desktops and try to use premium parts but it can end up quite expensive. The shop ones normally have a great CPU or graphics card but are let down by other components. Letting you customers know that every part will be hand picked for performance may be a great selling point.

I was also thinking that with so many working from home and wanting systems for certain needs that creating bespoke machines from particular purposes. Office/ video editing / gaming/ or whatever could be a great marketing tool.

Wishing you luck with you enterprise.

Thank you for the feedback! this venture will undoubtedly be hard for the first system, but I think I have enough to invest in that first move. I completely agree, I think my strongest selling points currently would be being transparent about every item in the system, and having superior cable management that is not permanent. I say this because many pre-builts have been riddled with hot-glue to hold things in place, and sometimes with things not even plugged in.

Sounds like a pretty cool idea! One of the things you will want to make sure you plan for is service after the sale. Once you get it in their hands, you will need some parameters established on what kind of tech support they will receive after the fact. A warranty if you will. Or just be clear you are selling it as-is. Either way. Good luck!

Oh okay.. didn't give too much thought to the service after but that would be a good way to differentiate myself from others, maybe free tech support for the first 6 months after purchase.

Yeah, you will need something going in because even if the issue has nothing to do with the computer, they bought it from you, so they will be contacting you. Just like many people can't separate software issues from hardware issues. It is all just "computer issues".

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