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Lol.. U really to repair ur keyboard so u wouldn't make more mistakes

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Manage to edit and avoid the situation getting worse.

But yes, repair AND REVIEW paying attention and reading again before I post. I still have lots to learn and improve 😅

Managed to use another front-end for Hive for editing, however posts are immutable, so I hope people can see the correct edition on the original post on whatever front end they are using

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The second link was posted 6 minutes after the first one

The maxigan account is the user who is in the video. tdvtv is the platform publishing the video. There is nothing wrong here.

If you were to create a video with your favourite youtube channel, and then you publish the video on your own channel also, is that plagarism? This is your interview. You are in the content. Max is in the video, he is allowed to post.

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You really seem to be on the hunt to harass and attack users. Even when I explained this you continue to virtue signal and spread misinformation.

MaxIgan is the user in the video, and tdvtv is the video hosting platform that is built on hive.

If it was not for the dollar vigilante I would not have joined this platform years ago. You are contributing nothing by attempting to start campaigns like this. If you continue to try and censor tdvtv I will downvote you.

I know you think you are helping but this is foolish. It is not helpful to go after users for using the platform. They have build their own front end so if you don't like to see the video journalism or want to support the users who are creating this content, then simply go elsewhere or do not view it.

This is not what proofofbrain is for.

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