[Response] Trust The MATHEMATICS: Are Coronavirus Vaccines Safe/Dangerous...?

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I recently came across a post claiming people are 10x more likely to die from COVID vaccines than COVID itself, and I found it fascinating how either plain dumb, or ill-intended, the content was.

It is easy to see it is shitpost, but hard to counter argue because the author hardly make sense of the numbers. It is literally math freestyle. He mixes data classified by age with data classified by underlying condition, which is how he manages to make people lazy to check the numbers and the sources and just believe him because he claims to have done the "math".

Starting form the first data presented by the post:

This data says literally nothing else except "if you have a preexisting condition, COVID is 10x more more likely to kill you", which is why countries are adopting a policy to vaccinate people with pre-existing conditions first.

This data is not wrong by itself, but the author tries to confuse the reader by implying that people with pre-existing conditions and COVID are more likely to die than regular people that, for example, overdose on opiates. No shit sherlock? What next? People that get shot and have heart issues are more likely to die than people that only get shot or only have heart issues?...

He then grabs some data about what are some of the adverse effects people get from the vaccines, and put on a spreadsheet:

The problem with this data is that he mixes the classification types (age and underlying condition)

From that alone, because the data is not classified by age we can make ridiculous assumptions, like:

  • If you are under 19 you are about 150x more likely to die if you take the vaccine
  • If you are over 80 your chances of suffering a heart attack after the vaccine is 50x smaller after the vaccine

Both affirmations above are bullshit, and only possible because he mixes the classification of the data he uses.

That would mean that for each 1 person under 18 you know that, sadly, died from COVID before getting a shot, you should "mathematically" (if that is even math) know 140 other under 18 that should also die, but only after getting the COVID vaccine. Do you?

It would be a massacre.

The math this guy does is so ridiculous you see numbers all over the place on his spreadsheet. Because the data do not have a common ground (one is separated by age, and other by underlying conditions), we have numbers ranging from 0.02x as likely to die from a heart attack after the vaccines (vaccines cure heart diseases?!?!), or up to 4000x more likely to need urgent care after you are vaccinated. I know 2 people that needed urgent care before the vaccine, and 1 person that needed after, if the numbers are so discrepant, how is that such a deviance from his "math" possible?...


That is why in statistics it is IMPORTANT TO CLASSIFY YOUR DATA.

Moreover, this is ridiculous, just look at ABSOLUTE FIGURES. If the vaccine makes you 10x more likely to die, and up to 4000x more likely to need urgent care, then how does society even work nowadays?!?!

Why is the world population not shrinking? Why don't we have huuuuge lines on the hospitals, like we had in the beginning, before the vaccines?


The absolute numbers can't lie. More people are getting vaccinated, than people got COVID before the vaccines, and as a result the number of deaths and hospitalization is CLEARLY DECREASING.

4000x more likely to need urgent care.... 10x more likely to die..... Ridiculous...


100% of the deceased people had at least a glass of water. Water kills. Fact!!

Open your eyes, the government has made everyone deadly addicted to oxygen, one person can barely resist 5 minutes without inhaling this poison that literally killed billions

I know who should win the Darwin awards this year. People who have easy access to vaccines and choose not to get one. There are many people around the world who are desperate for a dose but can't get it..yet in a few countries vaccines are freely available, and in those countries we are seeing countless people die that are unvaccinated. This is unfortunately evolution happening right infront of our eyes.

very informative especially to use against those spreading false information! I understand that people have varying beliefs but it’s different when they make up stories just to get others to believe them.

I support questioning everything, but to do that one needs to use real math and know what it is being done. This guy started all wrong by mixing data classification, which would render the result useless for anyone that understand the basic of statistics principles

True! I barely have any knowledge about statistics but his claims immediately made me raise my left eyebrow -it just doesnt add up! Thanks for sharing this!

The most important is : Are those stats real or not ? Could that be faked or not ?

Or should we trust that blindly and think that no one can fake it. Tests can't be mistaken. Mass media always say the truth ?

I think that's why we are on the blockchain. Here we see all the transactions and what's going on. Even if someone will edit a post, we may see the original one. Can we check the information the same way in centralized world ? Can we be sure about elections, for example ?

Anyway, I just want you to think about that. I wish we have more transparency in the real world. But that's not going to happen. It's better for them to have secrets and to hide so much information and to fake it instead.

You are not wrong. Data can be faked in the real world, but there is a line between healthy skepticism and tinfoil paranoia.

It is not the media that is saying that vaccines are better than not taking vaccines, it is 99% of the scientists, the 1% are people like the original author that want to mine attention at any cost.

The media wants money, and there is right wing anti-science media, both here in Brazil and in the US (in Brazil because our president is a puppet to the US) that for money do nonsense math like this and try to cast doubt on the vaccines.

A little dose of skepticism is good, but claiming vaccines can kill 10x more is just stupid.

The original post claims that and other absurds like that vaccines are 4000x more likely to put you under emergency care, or can reduce your risks of death from a heart issue by 50x (but he does not talk about that), the author manage to get those numbers by mixing data that do not have a common ground for classification.

How you can be sure that the author is wrong ? Who knows. They are saying it themselves, that they are experimenting. Why people are getting sick after the vaccine so ? Why they are restricted again and again ? Do you think that the vaccine can be better than your immune system ? Do you think we should replace our immune system by taking shots every six months ? What if they will tell us to take them every 3 months ? Did you ever see the revaccination in the history ? Or it's ok for you if in the future we will have to take those vaccines every month and maybe, after a few years, even every day ? The problem is not in people who are talking bad about vaccines. The problem is in the concept itself. Why they don't use medicament instead ? Do you think that there are no medicament that may heal that ? There are, do your own research. Just the agenda of telling people that there are many strains, giving shots to people and restricting them is more profitable for them. The vaccine is increasing in the price now, and imagine how many producers will earn from that. We are talking about billions of dollars. Do you think it's profitable for them to vaccinate people only once and to make them heal completely and to be protected ? It's a big business and very big money is involved. Big pharma, who are working with governments. It's hard for us simple citizens to know all the truth about all this. From both sides, those who are supporting that, or against that. That's creating a big hype. Even those who are against could create a panic to support the hype. It's a well-structured, well planed deal. You may even find some information about that in : https://www.weforum.org/whitepapers . They have plans to stick to. Very big plans. That's a very big business ! Maybe the biggest one in the history !

Stop being crazy dude

how does society even work nowadays?!?!

It does not work. Society is already collapsed. People are stomping on each other. Almost everyone see only their own good, and they do not care about others. Only a few people care about others. I would not call this society.

Why is the world population not shrinking?

The world population is increasing. Why? Because people are stupid. Just take a look at Africa. Huge, deep poverty and misery, and they give birth to one child after another. They seal their own fate. And humanity in general behaves like a virus. They ruin something, then they move to somewhere else, they ruin that also, and then they move to somewhere else again, and the cycle/circle continues.

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People are so retarded its insane x)

I am very sad to hear this news

Thanks for taking the time to point out such absurdity.