It is ok to not know, it is not ok to pretend to know and question for the sake of it

in STEMGeeks4 months ago

Wise men once realized they know nothing, and to approach the truth, instead of questioning for the sake of it, they should try to learn from people that study, and work together.



Take those quotes as a lesson from this pandemic. People have been free-styling science left and right, pretending to know something that "debunks the media and most scientists in the world".

It is ok to question science and media, it is dumb to keep pushing against what is most likely the truth. If you don't happen to have a lab and billion dollars worth of research equipment, maybe, just maybe, you are not in power to develop theories about viruses and vaccines on your $1500 computer and excel spreadsheet....


The cost of my computer is $ 300 🙏