Ex Pfizer Science Chief: monetization of fake news

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It is FAKE NEWS that the vaccines are more dangerous than the disease. To begin with, the vaccines are the deactivated viruses, so there is no way a virus that can't reproduce can be more dangerous than a virus that can. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! HAVE A LITTLE OF IT!

Usually vaccines fail trials because the viruses somehow manage to not be deactivated, or it does not get an immune response.

Recently DEBUNKED conspiracy theory that reads "Ex Pfizer Science Chief: COVID19 Shots Are Killing Many People & Deaths Are Being Covered Up" popped up here on Hive.

Just search "Mike Yeadon debunked" and you will find the proofs of it

This kind of bullshit fake news is what makes me almost give up on Hive.

Ridiculous claims are famous for making dozens of dollars here on Hive and that is ridiculous.

Groups of people have been exploiting the freedom of expression that this blockchain gives to mine attention and rewards. It is sad the path we are taking.

 3 months ago 

That’s kinda what happens when the large stakeholders from the Deep Dive end subscribe to confirmation bias.

It is what it is. That’s why we hanging out on second layer tribes away from a lot of the bs.

Yeah man, I hate it too. The money that the deep dives group makes per post only motivates people to make more and more ridiculous claims.

I want this blockchain to be all about freedom of speech, but there should also be consequences if what you're saying is potentially dangerous.

None of my friends join Hive because they see as a cult. A while ago there was a social network of Trump supporters that was spreading fake news and hate speech, that is how the see Hive at the moment....

Those groups are seizing the speech over here and making a ton of money while at it... I am afraid this can snowball and attract more of those people, while scaring away people that do real science and are actually knowledgeable.

None of my friends join Hive because they see as a cult. A while ago there was a social network of Trump supporters that was spreading fake news and hate speech, that is how the see Hive at the moment....

This is an interesting piece I've been thinking about. For one there is quite a bit of this kind of activity on traditional web2 social media already. On Hive there is significantly more of these groups due to the simple reason: the most extreme users will get deplatformed and thus come to Hive.

Disregarding the whole deplatform and free speech part of that. The main thing preventing mass user adoption is the complete lack of relevant content discovery and/or interest groups. Sure there is communities that offer some discoverability of more relevant content to a particular user, but they are off stratified and very segregated off from other communities. What I mean by that is if content is posted to one community that might be very relevant to another that said content will be shown to members of the other community unless it's reblogged/reposted (doesn't happen very often). This does not help the user find value in the content on the platform and often will result in them leaving even after they have gone through the tough onboarding process. Really, we need a much much better way to discovery/recommend content to users.

I don't go on Hive for entertainment value 9 times out of 10. I will usually find 1-2 good posts in a day that I will actually read through, but everything else goes to the wayside. The only reasons I use Hive on a daily basis are for News/Updates, Curation, the occasional interesting post, and that's about it.

Communities might evolve and make it better to find relevant and related content. I feel passive talking about that without having any idea on how to implement that, but maybe with time I can find how to more actively make it work.

But the issue with people getting deplatformed and coming here will be bigger with time, sadly. There is a reason they are deplatformed and there is a reason why the platforms that do that are big. More often than not they get banned for a good reason, like fake news or harmful content, and come here to do what they can’t do there. And again, the other social media are big for a reason.

Hive is a safe haven for those kind of shitposters and it kinda undermines the value here IMO

Personally I see the only way to combat this is to make sure there is as much if not more content aimed at real science. There is the STEM group that will definitely help this out... but I completely agree... lots of people make the link between Freedom of Speech and Conspiracy Theories and when you look at platforms like Gab, Parlor, etc, it's easy to see why.

I agree, this is very unfortunate. I like to check often the "created" page on stemgeeks. But the past few month, it has been invaded by misinformation posts with clickbait titles. Some days, it was almost the only thing you could find. Like you said, it's pretty sure that scared off many people. But with the rewards they get with these type of posts, why wouldn't they? Unfortunately, a well documented and factual post debunking some of these posts would probably get downvoted or at the very least ignored (because facts usually don't sell) and make little rewards. So, people don't even bother.