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RE: Get your gene splicing urges satisfied here!!

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I guess no one reads your posts? Why doesn't everyone just circle jerk there is no engagement here among the masses. 103 upvotes before I left my comment and upvoted your post. WOW


Yeah, most of those votes come from trails, and you've known me long enough to recognize that once we have the basics out of the way there isn't much left to discuss.
I see that in a lot of long termer's pages.
It's not that they aren't getting read, it's just that most of the readers have already done the small talk thing, and have nothing to add.

I'm not opposed to taking on the circle jerks curation guilds, they take from all of us to give to themselves and their favorites.
They are scared to admit that to themselves because it would also require acknowledging that they are wrong to continue on the same path now that they are aware of being wrong.
It's hard to expect a person to understand when understanding ends their sweet gig.

At some point, the folks that agree with me will outnumber the greedy f**ks, and then we will have a more egalitarian platform.
I figure another couple years of beating a 1000mv voting limit drum, and they will capitulate.
It didn't take them long to get the poor tax up off of us once I started characterizing it the way I did, one of them went far enough to disavow his having supported it in the first place.
It reduced the value of everybody's stake by up to 50%, except those that had over 60k hp, or whatever it took to give 16hive in a vote.

The poor tax is why there are no more comments, only fools like me, that are not here for the rewards, would vote one.

I have paid 0 attention to this chain other than to see how friends are doing/watch it continue to be steem2. Why are grown ups so interested in playing games? What does that do for our world all these games?

Ah, but the hive is not steem2, unless we allow that.

The more voices in the 'consensus' the better, iyam.
I'm glad you are here, and hope you make your opinions known.

This is how the hive isn't what you say it is, the banisher appears to be gone.
Until then, there was no consensus outside what was allowed.
If we suspect that oppression will return, we should strike while the iron is hot.
(HW was only out of bidness a few days, and look at them go, now.)

Hive is also becoming defi, more liquid hive is being locked into things with no impact on author rewards.
More hive locked outside hp is good for the pool.

So, join us in the pool, the water is getting better and better.
Show us your garden, eh?

It all just a thumbs up or down but they are wana-be bankers in disguise as decentralized good guys.

Were, Stan, were, the inflation has done its job.

It all just a thumbs up or down to me.

They are wana-be bankers in disguise as decentralized good guys.