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(This is my first post so let me know if I should be adjusting anything)

Here was one project that changed an Amazon Echo's software:

"The Porcupine project provides the wake word detection, speech samples are broken down into actionable intents with voice2json, and the responses are delivered by the venerable eSpeak speech synthesizer."

Can you just set up this kind of thing to run on your computer and has anyone done something like this?

A list of some other tools:

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"why you're interested in speech recognition tools"

meh, I thought the interest is self-evident, it's a useful tool (speaking can be faster than typing) with the benefits of open source software over current competing options

"how did you discover Hive?"

I've known about steemit for some years and had a small account on there, only made the connection of Hive's forked relation to that project

Hive has come up on some forum posts as an alternative forum of other forums out there

thx for the informative posts, I will say that onboarding could look complicated to the average person but I understand how these projects are and there's always room to improve things

lastly, I understand discord is popular but I would recommend looking in to something else (I see the "hivechat" uses rocket, which seems like an improvement)