''The other brain'' - a book that i just finished with a bit of special assistance from lock-down

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And it is done, after almost one year and a half. I try to make it short and not very complicated, and i hope you will enjoy reading it. My book about the gut microbiome, our microbial intestinal flora. At the moment, as i just launched the book, you can have it at a discounted price.

Here is the link for:




''I will start the first chapter, talking about our microbiome, or in layman terms, our gut intestinal flora, the microbes living inside of us and how they are actively helping us. It is an interesting subject, and the latest researches seem to just start to discover how important our relation with our non-pathogenic bacteria and microbes is. These days we keep hearing different opinions about this elusive thing called microbiome. What is that and how it can help us? You are in the right place to find out about it, in the next chapters of this book.''

What it is about?

Here are the contents of every chapter:

1 Introduction
2 History and discovery
3 The life cycle of the gut microbiota
4 Food for thought
5 Is every gut microbiota unique?
6 Malnutrition and microbiota
7 Prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics
8 Inflammatory bowel diseases
9 Microbial diversity and their importance
10 Anatomical correlations with the gut microbiota

I really hope that you will find time to read it and learn a bit more about the latest researches related to health, microbiota and longevity.

Have a good day!


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 3 months ago 

How do we know you are really George Mihalache?

you don't. but the book is good. (or maybe you can follow my link to Publish0x, twitter, facebook, linkedin and official website). Nobody will make a 9 year old facebook account just to post boring stuff about health related research. :)

 2 months ago 

We can never be too careful around here. Lol

Eh, working on this book i was thrilled about the information, but friends told me it is a bit boring (it is about intestinal flora, so, they may be right.

 2 months ago 

Different strokes for different folks.

but my main motive is to learn about different longevity pathways (to be bold, even immortality pathways) the problem is that we still need few more decades to reach the right amount of knowledge regarding our microbiome.

 2 months ago 

I work as a clinical microbiologist. I think it would be a wonderful piece of knowledge to have in the future.

oh, you may be better than me at this kind of things, as i work with the whole intelligence spectrum from learning disabilities to geniuses, but mainly autism and stuff related to it.