Malicious Metamask Chrome extension - Phishing alert

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Just few days ago, on November 28, Diegomazo.eth Twitter user found a suspicious Metamask Chrome extension (see tweet bellow):

Despite tagging Metamask on their twitter account, there was no reply. Few days later CypherTrace alerted Metamask team and tried to take out the fake browser extension. What is worrying is that looking at the photographs it is impossible to find any difference between the fake website and the real one. Except the URL.

Conclusion: Always check URLs. The extension is only 7 days old, but you need to stay alert, as this may be only the beginning. The fake website seems to be of Russian provenience. This was even showing on the Google search, so, it is the time to check carefully every time you access your accounts as the phishing scams are also part of the online world. Except that usually you will deal with poor copies, and this time the Metamask replica was impeccable. Even the scammers get better with practice.

Take care and catch that pigeon!

Yours truly,


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Thank you for spreading awareness. Nothing beats doing your due diligence when it comes to crypto.

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I guess I have the good version as I have installed metamask more than seven days ago.

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if you still have crypto in account, is the good one :)

Haven't sent any yet.

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