How to set-up a Presearch masternode (Windows version)

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I left my dream of becoming a programmer, white hat hacker or anything related to this to fade away long time ago, when Windows XP was the latest rage. But now and then i come back from the retirement, only to learn just enough to fake it until i make it.

I just finished to set up my second masternode ever, Presearch node, (first was Horizen (ZEN) tiny masternode using 42 ZEN). I am looking at the paid masternodes, and very often the profit is minimal. Savings on exchanges, using your crypto to get masternodes rewards, are also paying 5-20% of the total amount. So, after i check the total rewards for a masternode, quite often i decide that it is better to do it myself. First, you may want to check a website similar with to see how much they are really paying. Then, you you have a minimal IT knowledge, you may want to find a step by step tutorial. Usually is easy to find them, very often right here on Publish0x, as we have quite skilled authors publishing these days.

Presearch is using a testnet, it is not live yet, but you can create a masternode with a minimum of 1000 Presearch tokens (PRE). So, obviously, i presume you already have 1000+ PRE in your savings account. If not, you may need to buy it straight from your Presearch account or using one of the exchanges listed on Coingecko at PRE section.

1. To start with, you need to go here: and watch the video. This is how you learn the basic informations about the node.

2. Visit and find out what you need to do next. The tutorial is ok, but you may need to know few extra tips (I will provide them, do not worry) so everything will go smoothly.

3. Download Windows Powershell and install it on your computer or virtual server.

4. Download and install Docker on your computer or virtual server.

5. Register your node and get a registration code at

6. Run the node start commands:

  • docker pull presearch/node
  • docker run -it --rm -v presearch-node-storage:/app/node --name presearch-node -e REGISTRATION_CODE=YOUR_CODE_HERE presearch/node

after you created a Word document to copy paste the node commands and exchanged the bold part with your registration code provided on the previous step.

7. Now the node will download everything that it is needed and if will start running. Once you see first succesful search done, you go back to Now you see the node details there. Click on details and you will see this:


Put your tokens to stake, i had 1000 PRE as this is minimum, but you can put more than that. However, they recommended to put 5 x 1000 instead of 1 x 5000 PRE, for bigger rewards. Once you press Update button your node is up and running, and your staking will get rewarded. How and when, it is still a bit confusing, but they said they will inform us once the live network is set.

To quote them:

Rewards are paid to all node operators who stake at least 1,000 PRE to their node.
Each of your staked nodes will qualify for the base reward paid to incentivize participation in the network.
Those who stake more than 1,000 PRE to their node are eligible to earn additional rewards.
For complete information on how staking works, please visit

This is all you need to do. Good luck!

Yours truly,

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