Top 3 Google Search Tips & Tricks

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Hey All;

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you all the Top 3 Google Search Tips & Tricks that I normally use while searching on Google. I've found these search tricks to be very useful and time-saving and hence sharing the same with you all.


Before we get into discussing the Google Search Trick, I would like to emphasize that there are many Google search tricks close to 50+ and even more. The ones that I'm discussing in this post are my favorite and the ones that I make use of quite often. Hence based on users' search criteria the google search tricks favorite or top list may vary. So ideally what's my favorite trick doesn't necessarily mean that it could be other favorite tricks well.

Let's get into the Business Now to discuss the Google Search Tips & Tricks. What we would be looking at is these three things::

  • Use Case of the Google Search Trick
  • Syntax for the Search trick
  • Example to execute the Google Search Trick

Google Search Trick 1:: Google Search File Type

There is an n number of filetypes that a user would like to search. From a simple text file to pdf, xls, exe, powerpoint ppt, doc etc etc. A better and efficient way to search specific files is to make use of the search operator filetype. Let's have a look at the use case and an example to understand this File Type Search better

  • Use Case
    Assume that a user is looking for a pdf that has information associated tied to Blockchain
  • Syntax
    [keywords] filetype:[file type extension]
  • Example

blockchain technology filetype:pdf

Here is the snapshot of the Google Search Results;

Highlighted in Orange, you can clearly see that the search results are the .pdf files having the word Blockchain Technology in iT.

Google Search Trick 2:: Google Search Definitions

The definition is something that we all look for almost all the time. And the best way to find out the definition of the word is to leverage the search operator; define Let's have a look at the use case and an example to understand this search operation define better

  • Use Case
    Lest try to search the definition of Blockchain with this operator define

  • Syntax

  • Example


Here is the snapshot of the Google Search Results;


Highlighted in the Red boxes is the definition of Blockchain shown. If you carefully look at the search results we also have the definition of Blockchain shown by Wikipedia & Investopedia the famous websites. The topmost search result is the outcome of a paid Advertisement on Google and is marked as Ad

Google Search Trick 3:: Google Search Within a Website

  • Use Case
    Continuing with our example of Blockchain. We will be using the search operator site to look strings/context i.e. Blockchain word within the website

  • Syntax
    site:[website URL] [keywords]

  • Example blockchain

Here is the snapshot of the Google Search Results;


Using this operator site; helps you to refine your search further. In our example, we are looking for the word Blockchain in URLs. Highlighted in Red are some of the search results that indicated the searched term Blockchain in iT.

Finally; these are my Top 3 Google Search Tips & Tricks that I make use of it quite often. The more I explore these search tricks the better I get with them. It's kind of fun playing around with different Google Search tricks and the best part is that it refines your search and saves you a lot of time. If you haven't tried out any of the Google Search tricks then I highly recommended you to try it out and am sure you are gonna love it for sure. In case of any doubts/questions, please feel free to use the comment box and I'll do my best to answer all the queries you may have.

Best Regards

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Wow, I was not knowing that you can use operators in a search 😀

Yes, you can use many Google search operators and I have been using it for quite a long time and found them to be very helpful. As the search results are refined to exactly what you are looking for. cheers

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Very useful I knew it álready, but somehow when Im in a hurry I forget to use it!

Thanks for reminding me to work smart :)

Gracias por la valiosa información, feliz lunes

Last one search inside a site is very cool...