Paytm Money App Enhances to Investing in IPO - Wallet Money Directly Invested in Stocks

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Hey All;

I guess we all know about the Paytm App and it needs no introduction. In case if you do not know about Paytm App then let me tell you that this App is a solution for most of the cashless transactions here in India. For more details, you can check about the Paytm App Here

Did you notice that recently Paytm has added a new feature to its Paytm Money App to Invest in IPOs[Initial Public Offering]? This means that if you have money in your Paytm Wallet a user can directly invest in the IPO of his/her choice.

If I speak for myself when I want to invest in an IPO I approach my stockbroking websites/app. It's now been a year that I haven't invested in an IPO. And all my investment has been directed to the Cryptos and the projects associated with Blockchain.

From Paper to Paperless to Click of a Button

Do You foresee where the technology is Enhancing? Now with just a few clicks of a button, you are done with investing in stocks or Initial Public offerings.

Frankly speaking, I'm not that big fan of this Paytm Money App personally. But what I did like to convey by this news is that the change/shift that we are seeing the technology is bringing every now and then.

I still remember days that we had to fill out forms and submit them to the stockbroking house. And now see the change, we have an App for it; that helps you to invest in IPOs. Within seconds now a person can invest in stocks/stockbroking services/IPOs.

Blockchain; Cryptos heading as a technology

In the Crypto world, we are already seeing it happening where we already have many Apps via which we can easily invest in our favorite coin or a token. So I guess it would not be wrong to say that with the blockchain technology that is fueled with Cryptocurrency the technology advancement is at a higher pace as compared to traditional systems.

Now it's up to you to decide; where we are heading with Blockchain & Cryptos... It is the future and it's just a matter of time that its full potential and what wonders it can do and bring is to be known to the masses..And then see the MAGIC...

Best Regards

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Thanks for the information! I always .read about the wallet news.

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Might an app feature increase the funding on IPO and stocks in the country that is obsessed with saving accounts and FD.

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Yes you are right. But atleast it enhanced its ability to reach out more people via the App feature that allows you to invest in an IPO. Cheers.

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