Maths Brain Teasers 66:: Can You Complete The Pie???

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Hey All; @StemGeeks Mathematician;

Without further, ado, let's get to our puzzle for today:: **Maths Brain Teasers 66:: Can You Complete The Pie?


Have a close look at the image given and see if you complete the pie - "by replacing the question mark with the right number"... There is logic to resolve the puzzle; try finding out the logic and it should be resolved in seconds.. Guesswork isn't going to help...

With that, I'll leave you all with the Maths Brain Teasers 66:: Can You Complete The Pie? Good luck solving iT...

Math Brain Teasers 65:: Eliminate the Odd Picture Out?- Solved with Explanation


Let's have a look at the Step by Step instructions to Solve the Maths Brain Teasers 65:: Eliminate the Odd Picture Out?

If you carefully look at all the Image; You would have noticed that::


A and C Images are the same..


And the same goes true for the image:: B and F which are the same

And for the images:: D and E

Hence the Answer to the Maths Brain Teasers 646:: The Odd Image Out is G

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I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. For the last contest, which was Eliminate the Odd Picture Out?.

We had 4 entries and I happy to see the engagement by everyone. At the same time, it's great to see the detailed answers provided by everyone as to how they arrived at the solution of the puzzle.. Well done guys.. Way to GO... Now the results part; I'm going to use a random picker tool to select a Winner. And the Winner is....


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Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve the Maths Equation Puzzle?


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The answer is 6

The sum of the opposite side is equal to 21. 15+x =21 --> x = 6.

Opposite pie pieces sum to 21. We have 15 opposite ?, so the answer is:



Comment 86/500

so the upper left quarter adds up to 14, then the lower left adds up to 23 which is 9 more and the lower right adds up to 28 another increase of 5. So let's deduct a pattern here.. step 1 = 9, step 2 = 5 step 3..


Yeah, @definethedollar got it right it's 6 and has nothing to do with the quarters! Hope there's more challenge for the next one ;-)

The Answer is 6, opposites add up to 21

By a simple observation we can see that opposite pies, when added give a total of 21.
Following that logic we formulate this equation for the unknown pie, where we need to solve for x:
15 + x = 21
we subtract 15 from both sides and get x = 21-15 = 6
Therefore, the answer is 6

Each time we add opposite numbers we get the same number which is 21, so if we add 15 + ? we must get 21, so the should replace the question mark by 6

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