Maths Brain Teasers 51:: Can You Decode the Puzzle???

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Hey All; @StemGeeks Mathematician;


It's the weekend and I guess we need some change & twist in the puzzle contest here @stemgeeks. Todays' puzzle is around decoding and finding the right answer to replace it with the question mark. This time there is some confusion that I have purposely made in the puzzle. If you are smart then I guess you will notice the same and will be able to reach the answer very easily... Ok now the Hint part right? I would say the HINT is that just glance over the image for some time and I'm sure you will be able to recognize what decoding is happening...IF you are still confused then let me know in the comment box and I shall give you another HINT

With that, I'll leave you all with the Maths Brain Teasers 51:: Can You Complete the Circle Puzzle? - Good luck solving iT...

Maths Brain Teasers 50:: Can You Complete the Circle Puzzle?- Solved with Explanation


Let's have a look at the Step by Step instructions to Solve the Maths Brain Teasers 50 :: Can You Complete the Circle Puzzle?

  • Step 1 The logic part which is::

Sum of Diagonal Number - Sum of Diagonal Number

Let's take the first image as an example;;


(9 + 8) - (5 + 7 ) = 17 - 12 = 5

  • Step 2 Let's take the Image in Question Now;;;


(6 + 17) – (5 + 9) = 23 - 14 = 9

Hence the Answer to the Maths Brain Teasers 51: : 9

STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. For the last contest, which was Maths Brain Teasers 50:: Can You Complete the Circle Puzzle?.

We had 2 entries and I happy to see the engagement by everyone. At the same time, it's great to see the detailed answers provided by everyone as to how they arrived at the solution of the puzzle.. Well done guys.. Way to GO... Now the results part; both entries provided the right answer. And hence; I'm going to split the reward between both of you i.e. @stayoutoftherz & @chrisparis - you both are the Winners of the Contest.. Maths Brain Teasers 50


Congratulations Guys; You WIN yourself 5 STEM tokens. You should be having the rewards in your STEM Wallet Soon.

Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve the Maths Equation Puzzle?


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Substitution cipher has been used here for row 1 and row 3 .

i will go with T as the answer .

Line 1 and line 3 are same
Answer T