Maths Brain Teasers 129 :: Can You Score exactly 100 points?

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Hey All; @StemGeeks Mathematician;

Without further, ado, let's get to our puzzle for today:: Maths Brain Teasers 129 :: Can You Score exactly 100 points?


Have a close look at the image given and see if you can score a 100.

All you need to do is strike the pins to get a score of 100... Just imagine you are playing cricket and you are about to score a century... lol

With that, I'll leave you all with the Maths Brain Teasers 129 :: Can You Score exactly 100 points? Good luck solving the puzzle...

Maths Brain Teasers 128 :: Can You Solve The Equation? - Solved with Explanation


Let's have a look at the Step by Step instructions to Solve the Maths Brain Teasers 128 :: Can You Solve The Equation?

The logic was to apply BODMAS rule & then you should have been easily able to solve the puzzle. Following is how I had applied the arithmetic symbols to get to the answer..


STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. For the last contest, which was Maths Brain Teasers 128 :: Can You Solve The Equation?.

We had just three entries and I am happy to see the engagement. At the same time, it's great to see the detailed answers provided by everyone as to how they arrived at the solution of the puzzle.. Well done guys.. Way to GO... Now the results part; all the entries provided the right answer and hence I am going to use comment picker tool to pick one random winner and the winner is @thecuriousfool


Congratulations @thecuriousfool - You WIN yourself 10 STEM tokens. You should be having the rewards in your STEM Wallet Soon.

Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve the Maths Equation Puzzle?


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13+8+8+24+47 = 100

Mathematically, if we're just going to add the numbers to come up with a sum of 100 then it would be:
13 + 39 + 48 = 100

Physically, it is very difficult as 13 is not adjacent to 39 and 48. Moreover, it is physically almost impossible not to hit number 8 which is within the path of the ball. Also, it is between numbers 13 and 39.

My conclusion?
It is POSSIBLE mathematically and while physically ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.
I say almost physically impossible since, who knows, there might be other factors that might make it possible, even though how impossible it seems. 😁