Maths Brain Teasers 125 :: Can You Crack The CODE?

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Hey All; @StemGeeks Mathematician;

Without further, ado, let's get to our puzzle for today:: Maths Brain Teasers 125 :: Can You Crack The CODE?


Have a close look at the image given and see if you can find the correct numbers that replace the question mark.

There is logic to resolve the puzzle; try finding out the logic and it should be resolved in seconds.. Guesswork isn't going to help...

With that, I'll leave you all with the Maths Brain Teasers 125 :: Can You Crack The CODE? Good luck solving the puzzle...

Maths Brain Teasers 124 :: Can You Complete The Pattern? - Solved with Explanation


Let's have a look at the Step by Step instructions to Solve the Maths Brain Teasers 124 :: Can You Complete The Pattern?

If you carefully look at the Image in question; You would have noticed the following pattern is being followed::

Multiplication of the numbers and then adding them all

Let's have a look at the first example::


11 * 11 = 121 = 1 + 2 + 1 = 4

Finally, let's have a look at the equation in Question::


34 * 34 = 1156

1 + 1 + 5 + 6 = 13

Finally, the answer to the puzzle is Number:: 13

STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. For the last contest, which was Maths Brain Teasers 124 :: Can You Complete The Pattern?.

We had just one entry and I am happy to see the engagement. At the same time, it's great to see the detailed answers provided by everyone as to how they arrived at the solution of the puzzle.. Well done guys.. Way to GO... Now the results part; we have a clear WINNER. And the Winner is::


Congratulations @serhotest - You WIN yourself 10 STEM tokens. You should be having the rewards in your STEM Wallet Soon.

Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve the Maths Equation Puzzle?


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I second this answer.


According to line 3 where all numbers ( 6-3-1) are incorrects we can eliminate 1 and 6 in first line where one number is correct and well placed, so the 2 is well placed:
2- ?- ?
According to line 2, two numbers are corrects but wrongly placed in (6-5-2) we know 6 is wrong and 2 is correct so the other correct number is 5, it can't be in first position occupied by 2, nor in second (wrong position) so it's the third:
According to fourth line two numbers are correct but wrongly placed (3-5-0), we know 3 is wrong so correct number is 0 and it fits in the last spot so correct code is:


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