Math Brain Teasers 4:: What Should Replace the Question Mark?

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Hey All;

We are now into our FOURTH:: Math Brain Teaser.Slowly and gradually, I'm seeing the interest from the StemGeeks community picking up the momentum. When I started with this Idea of having Math Brain Teaser published here on the StemGeeks platform we had just a few entries to the competition i.e. 3 and now we are touching 7+ entries. So I take it as a positive sign and will continue to engage with my audience here with more such Brain teasers, puzzles, and quizzes moving forward.


Lets' have a look at our Math Brain Teaser for today.And here it is; find what should replace the Question Mark. Challenge your Mind with this logical Math Puzzle & try solving it to see if your Mind is still fit and sharp. OR is it losing its effectiveness?

Hint:: Let me tell you that it's not that simple as you might be thinking. Understand this Mathmatetic involve logic and hence in order to solve this puzzle you will need to apply some logic to get to the answer.

Math Brain Teasers 3: Calculate the weight of each Animal? - Solved with Explanation

Let's have a look at the answers and the math/logic involved in finding the weight of each animal for our Third Math Brain Teasers 3 question.


Logic to Finding the Missing Number

  • Step1. As seen from the image two bears are 120kg, therefore one Bear is 60kg.

Bear = 60Kg

  • Step2. A Bear and a Rabbit are 70kg. Since ONE Bear is 60kg alone, then the rabbit is 10kg.

Rabbitt = 10Kg

  • Step 3. Since the Bear and the Rabbit are 70kg. The weight remaining for the fox is 20kg.

60 + Fox + 10 = 90

Fox + 70 = 90

Fox = 90 - 70 = 20

Fox = 20Kg

Hence the answer to the Math Brain Teasers 3: Calculate the weight of each Animal? Is::

Bear = 60Kg; Rabbitt = 10Kg; Fox = 20Kg

STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. We had all 7 entries that were correct.


So what I'll be doing is using the comment picker tool, to see who is the winner for the Math Brain Teasers 3:: Calculate the weight of each Animal? And the Winner is::


Congratulations @tdre; You WIN yourself 10 STEM tokens; worth 2.3+ HIVE. You should be having the rewards in your STEM Wallet Soon.


Math Quote for the Day

Moving forward; I'll be ending the post with famous Mathematics quotes and to start with we have this quote from Albert Einstein::



Best Regards

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Ahhaa....this is interesting. I am sure the answer is not 6, but I can't get it what it must be

Answer is 6

@gungunkrishu, After mining my Brain Power my answer is, 6. 🙂

Happy new year and have a blessed journey ahead.

Thank you dear @chireerocks for your warm wishes and for your participation in the contest. I would say that and as suggested to @tdre friend there is a twist to this Math Brain teser. So; why don't you try giving some more mining power to your Brain to get to the logic of this puzzle. cheers and have fun solving the puzzle,

Welcome. Genuinely speaking, i was never good with Subject Of Numbers from very young age so this Area Of Expertise is out of my Theoretical Universe. 🙂

is 9? i think so :D

The answer isssss 6.

Wait wait , hang onnn , I know it's tricky.

The answer iss 'R' as in Reverse.

  • 6


You could also think of the pattern as +3 on the diagonal or a couple different ways of expressing the same idea.

As I said in my post it's not that simple.. there is some logic applied to it.. So this time with this puzzle we have a twist. cheers

Without some express limitation it's hard to see how this could be excluded as a reasonable solution even if it's not the best or expected. But I am looking forward to seeing the twist. 😀

Wow this nice. I just discovered this community and your initiative is really nice. A way to impact knowledge while earning, really nice.

I'm glad you liked this concept of Math Brain Teaser here in the StemGeek community. Looking forward to your participation and remember there are also rewards being paid out to the random luck winner giving the correct answers.. Cheers and thanks for stopping by.

How do I participate exactly?

Just reply the answer in the comment section .

Woohoo! I am on FIRE!
I'm on fire!

My guess is 8,
1 + 2 = 3 + 2 = 5
2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8?
...... but I really want to answer 6 (grin)!!!

ahhh, now you really got me @gungunkrishu! couldn't resist to go for it myself :)
let me turn it upside down. my answer is 9! 1+2 = 3; 4+5 = 9 ;)