Math Brain Teasers 3: Calculate the weight of each Animal?

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Let me first start by; wishing all my friends here on the StemGeeks platform a Very Happy New Year. Wishing you and all your family members all the happiness and good health. Let's now come back to our main topic of Math Brain Teasers 3: Calculate the weight of each animal?

This time we have a twist instead of finding the missing numbers, we have to calculate the weight of the Polar Bear, Rabbit & Fox. Carefully have a look at the Brain Teasers; do some calculations and I'm sure you should be able to get the right weight of the animals.


STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. We had 4 entries and out of which 3 entries were correct. So what I will be doing is giving out 3 STEM tokens each to the winners; who are:: @tdre; @starstrings01; @guurry123.leo


Please watch out for your STEM Wallet; you should be having your 3 STEM Reward

Math Brain Teasers 2: Dice & Numbers - Solved with Explanation

Let's look at the answers and the math/logic involved in finding the missing number for our Second Math Brain Teasers 2 question.


Logic to Finding the Missing Number

Step1. Observe all the Dices carefully

Step2. Just to confuse the Dice that was in Question i.e. the Fourth Dice & the Last Dice had the similar & hence the Answer was 14


Hence the answer to the Math Brain Teasers 2: Dice & Numbers = 14

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Answer is 20...
Happy New Year Dear...

So my answer is 20kg.. Thanks for the stem... I love what you are doing here!

this is so easy: 20 Kg, make another more difficult

so we have


@gungunkrishu you are doing an amazing job here keep it up. Let's bring more users to this challenge.

My answers -
Panda - 60 kg
Rabbit - 10 kg
Fox - 20kg

Answer is 20kg.

@ gungunkrishu
Happy new year


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Happy New Year and thanks for the STEM!

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