Math Brain Teasers 10:: Can You Solve The Puzzle?

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Hey All;

We are into our 10th Math Brain Teasers competition here @StemGeeks community. And so far we have been doing great. And I say it because I'm seeing participation in the contents and the engagement level is also high. When we started we used to have 3 entries and now we have close to 7 or 8 entries per competition. Pretty good to keep me motivated to have these Math Puzzles/teasers competition to continue here @Stemgeeks. With that, we are into our::

Math Brain Teasers 10:: let's Get Groovy - Can You Solve The Puzzle??


In this Math puzzle, you need to pick take the given Billards balls in the image only once to Add up making the Number 30. I'll reiterate you can use the Ball only once and your SUM should be 30. Not less and Not more; exactly 30.

You need focus and attention here to solve this puzzle. By that I mean there is no equation here. It's a tricky one but I'm assuming you people should easily get it.

Math Brain Teasers 9:: Can You Find The Correct Number? - Solved with Explanation

Let's have a look at the answers and the math/logic involved in finding to::Find The Missing Number? for our NINETH Math Brain Teasers 9 Question.

Math Brain Teaser8 (1).gif

Logic to Solving:: The Brain Teaser 9

Have a close look at the solved puzzle image above. Highlighted arrows are the movement that you need to walk through in order to solve the puzzle. Hence;

  • Step 1 - 1 + 4 = 5; Which is seen in Row 2; highlighted with circle

  • Step 2 - 2 + 1 = 3; Which is seen in Row 4; highlighted with circle

  • Step 3 - 4 + 2 = 6; Which is seen in Row 3; highlighted with circle - And our answer to the puzzle.

Therefore the correct answer to our Math Brain Teasers 9 :: Can You Find The Correct Number? = 6

STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. We had 6 entries & out of which 4 entries were correct. I'm going to use the comment picker tool to randomly select the WINNER..


Congratulations @alokkumar121; You WIN yourself 10 STEM tokens. You should be having the rewards in your STEM Wallet Soon.


Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve this Math Brain Teasers 10:: Can You Solve The Puzzle?



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PS:: All the Maths Brain Teasers; are made by me using the Pro Canva License Version

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I think I got it:


You have to turn upside down the ball 9.


Thanks for the reward.
I spent 2 minutes to see if there is any possibility but in a simple way, it cant be 30.
It will be 6+11+13 and for 6 a ball showing 9 should be turned upside down for 6. Hope I am right.

As the others have said, you'd need to invert the yellow 9 ball but in reality, the yellow nine ball looks like this so that doesn't make much sense!

For the sake of entry though.... 6,11 and 13 make 30!



The only possibility is to invert number 9 to make 6 but don’t know if it’s permissible and then 6+11+13=30