Math Brain Teasers 1: Find the Missing Number

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Hey All;

I'm going to start a new series of Math Brain Teasers here on StemGeeks. I tried searching for Math Brain Teasers topics and couldn't find any and hence the idea of posting it. Mathematics is a subject that is loved by many and at the same time, we have folks who hate Maths and like to stay away from it.


Anyways if You're a Math Lover or Not, But let me assure you that solving Math Brain Teasers has a lot of advantages. Some of the Advantages tied to solving Math Brain Teasers, Puzzles are as follows::-

  • Enhances overall Brain Activity
  • Increase your Memory Power
  • Improve memory and Brain Processing Speed
  • Reduces Boredom
  • Improve Concentration

With that let's get into solving our::

Math Brain Teasers 1: Find the Missing Number

Don't get confused with signs i.e. the Multiplication Sign. There is a logic behind the number/resultant not equal to multiplication.

If this is something that is liked by the StemGeek community. I'll be doing these sorts of Brain Teasers moving forward. And as we progress the Brainteasers will get more complex. Also, I'll be doing some giveaways of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer.

Please use the comment box below to enter your answer.

Best regards

PS:: The Image Has Been Created By Licence Pro Canva Version

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The start itself is pretty complex :) 25

Is it complex? I thought it would be very easy. :-) In between the answer is not 25..

Lol.. I love this man, this isn't too hard but fun. 1156 gives a sum of 13.

Its so easy and the answer is 13

23, I think. lol

Ans is 23.... right?

that was very difficult but is 13

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